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Want to learn how? We'll show you!

As many of you know, Crazy Hill is home to a large number of South and West Sound artists and creators. In fact, in 2023, the largest number of artists we hosted at one time was 52!! We had 7 metal artists, 2 jewelers, 3-4 painters at any given time, 5 glass artists, 2-3 wood get the idea. We are super proud to provide a platform for so many talented, local creators.

This year we are planning on adding another facet to the display of art at Crazy Hill, we have made plans with a handful of our artists to do an on-site class or demonstration of their craft. Beth Neff, aka The Mossy Maven, will be hosting a couple of hands-on classes where you can work with concrete art as a medium. Kathy Barrett is a very talented glass artist and will be getting Crazy with us and giving a demonstration of her blown glass art. Our very own Michael Kerkes, CPH will be putting on a couple of classes this spring/summer where you can come in, pick from a selection of containers and plants and get your hands dirty learning about decorative container arrangements.

Stay tuned for updates! It's promising to be a Crazy fun year at Crazy Hill.


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