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Need a nudge in the right direction? We got you. We can visit your garden space and get to know you, your garden and answer the tough questions. Only a couple of questions? Great. Need ongoing advice? That’s cool too. You set the pace, we’ll play along.


Have you always wanted that special sanctuary space nestled away in your garden? Do you entertain often and need a garden that reflects your personal style? Want to keep your neighbors peeking over the fence? We hear you. Knowing the right plant for the right place, taking your micro-environment into consideration and how you’ll be using your garden, we can help you build your garden dream.

Container Garden Design

From quiet entry ways to over-the-top deck plantings, containers can bring so much satisfaction in such a small space. Micro-gardens to grand bouquets, changing seasonally can anchor a garden or outdoor entertaining space. We can help you select the right containers for your space or help you select the right plants for your existing containers. If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining the containers we will do it for you.


“Right Place….Right Plant” We may not have the right plant for you but we have spent a lot of time and energy cultivating relationships with some really awesome, high quality, local growers and have a high success rate of being able to find the right plant. Let’s talk about what you want, if we don’t have it, odds are we can find it.

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